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Writing Novels in Australia

Lia is proud to be part of the 2013 line-up of established, early-career and emerging novelists for Writing Novels in Australia! She will be producing a monthly blog post, discussing all aspects of (you guessed it) novel-writing.

Check them out here.

Her first post kicks off with a warning: Your Favourite Writers' Forum May Be Giving You The Wrong Advice. It's all uphill from here, right?

Portia and Sibylla

From December 2010 through January 2011, Lia collaborated with fellow author Emma Salkild to produce an epistolary novel as part of the Australian Literature Review's Epistolary Novel Partnership. Portia and Sibylla charts the relationship via correspondence between a celebrity chef (Sibylla - written by Lia) and an enthusiastic teenage fan (Portia - written by Emma).

A few months later, Lia and Emma were delighted to discover that they'd won the partnership! (Lia was particularly relieved that she could now call her hours spent absorbing the work of Nigella Lawson 'research'.)

Portia and Sibylla has just been released as a free download. If you enjoy it, please consider a donation to the literacy links on the AusLit page.

The Life and Times of Chester Lewis

Lia is one of the contributing authors to the short story anthology, The Life and Times of Chester Lewis. Check out all the details here!


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